Abba programs are extensive in value and comprehensible in content. Abba educators challenge and encourage students to excel in their studies.  ABC trains individuals for ministerial work emphasizing an apologetic pedagogy.  ABC embraces the philosophy of the Good News not being limited to a world needing an introduction and application of Yeshua's Jesus teachings and biblical values, but those values needing to be comprehended and defended properly.  

Our teachers and staff have earned degrees from reputable and credible academic institutions.   It is our hope that you find your learning experience beneficial, educational, and enjoyable at ABC. Thank you for choosing ABC as your learning choice.  If you have further questions please reach out to us and let us know.   


Understanding the Process 

Accreditation regarding learning institutions is misunderstood and
sometimes misrepresented.  Accreditation is certainly necessary for public, private, nonprofit, and for-profit colleges & universities seeking Title IV funding.  If you are seeking your degree for ministerial usage (ecclesiastical, religious, ministerial setting) this topic does not apply to you.  Accreditation by the United States Department of Education (USDE) is necessary for learning institutions to get government funding via Financial Aid (loans/grants).  In many instances these are loans that immediately put the recipient into indebted servitude to the lender.  While it is good to pursue an education, doing so should be done via incurring minimal, if any debt.  For this reason, many learning institutions seek accreditation from organizations recognized by the USDE.  

Accreditation is good for learning institutions and should be considered when choosing a higher college or university.  However, when it comes to a religious or faith based education, the dynamics for accreditation may be complex.  States allow religious institutions to operate within legal parameters to educate and counsel individuals of a mutual faith. 

 ABC is authorized and registered within its state Education Department to legally issue degrees for religious vocation.  ABC is authorized to operate as a religious learning institution without government oversight; afforded the right to legally issue Associate and Bachelor’s degrees for religious vocation as a religious educational institution. 

ABC is not accredited within the capacity that ABC's students can receive government funding in traditional loan or grant format from the government. Individuals seeking advancement in spiritual knowledge and religious vocation through formal training, a degree from ABC is credible, legal, and acceptable.  What is important is the quality of education you will receive from ABC.  ABC is not a diploma mill.  You must do the work to earn your grade.  Our professors are qualified and highly skilled.  ABC trains our students with an intensive curriculum and prides on improving our students biblical understanding from historical, scriptural, and cultural perspectives. We encourage potential students to examine this issue and compare with other bible colleges and seminaries.      

Credit Transfer and My Degree

Many people ask about transferring credits.  The USDE articulates that learning institutions are not obligated to take credit courses from another university.  Most college transfer acceptance is at the discretion of the receiving college or university.  This is a general rule because most colleges want matriculated students to start and finish with their program or institution.  It is in the best interest of each student to communicate with current learning institution and forwarding  

What Is Accreditation 

one.  This is not an accreditation issue.  Transferring credits can be complex and is a delicate issue.  When interacting learning institutions accept credits, the arrangement is more acquiesce in approach. 

ABC has been educating since 1999

Abba Bible College has been teaching and operating in an educational capacity since 1999 under the banner of The G2G Foundation.  We have a proven track record for giving quality and consistency.  ABC is a higher learning educational institution legally operating within its state authorization to issue Associate and Bachelor’s degrees for religious vocation.  Call an advisor today or email for more information.     ​​