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Intro to Salvation (soteriology) This coure explains what it means to accept the Creator's love.

Intro to Spiritual Connection- This course explains what salvation is and establishing a relationship with your Creator.   
Intro to Theology (God study) 002 Mini- This course explains who God is and His desire for you.                  

Intro to God's Agape (Love) 003 Mini- This course explains the depths and meaning of God's love for you.       
Intro to God's Grace 004 Mini- This course defines true commitment and perspective for God and job.                  

God's Judicial Branch 005 Mini - This course explains judgement and why everyone will be held accountable.                              

The Body/the Temple 006 Mini- This course deals with the body and why it the Holy Bible refers to it as a temple.  

Sex Education Mini- This course examines what the Bible and what God says about sex before and in marriage.
Living for God (Elohim)- This course teaches the components of what it means to live and center one's life around God (Elohim) the creator.  
Prophecy vs Predictions Mini- This course helps differentiate between a true prophet and a fortune teller. 
Holy Day vs Halloween- Mini- This course explains the difference between a godly and ungodly holiday. 
Financial Matters in Theology Mini- This course explains the meaning of how to give to the Most High God. 

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