Learning Methodologies

3 Styles 

ABBA Bible College educates via 3 methods: 

You can choose which one is best for you or participate in all. 
1. Traditional- the traditional method consists of students learning in a brick and mortar environment such as in a classroom.  The instructor facilitates learning in the beginning until the student becomes master of the subject.  This is a more traditional learning practicum in which most students are familiar with.  ABBA Bible College students engaged in this methodology receive a more traditional introduction and presentation to the subject matter. 

2. Online- the online learning method used to be considered subpar, but with the rise and accessibility of the internet, it has certainly become more common.  Online learning is subject matter disseminated via the internet.  The instructor (or school) arranges a platform online in which students learn and interact with the instructor and the other learners.

3. Distance- distance learning allows students to receive their work and complete assignments at their own pace.  Students who are more focused and self-motivated usually do well in this model.  The professor or school assigns a facilitator to track students’ progress. Students are usually given a time limit on each assignment although learners work at their own pace.

Students matriculating in one of ABC's academic programs will be exposed to all 3 learning methods.  This will assist in giving you a well-rounded education and exposure to various learning methods.