3 Styles 

Certifications and License 

You can choose which one is best for you or participate in all. 
There are some who are called to establish and build ministries/ churches.  There are some who are called to preach.  And there are some who are actively in ministry without proper credentials or accountability.  ABC can help the minister/church/organization with all of the above.  If you are called to preach and establish faith base organizations using the Bible as the authority to govern and function, we can help you acquire proper credentials.  Many states and religious organizations require a minister of the Good News to have an active license and ordination certification when practicing ministry.  This is necessary to perform weddings, funerals, communions, and sermons.  Many are called to this vocation but lack the appropriate credentials.  ABC can help you with getting the appropriate paperwork to perform ministerial services.  

ABC aids faith base organizations in proper foundation and structure regarding accountability.  It is necessary and proper teaching (biblically) to have appropriate protocol and chain of command in religious institutions using the Bible as the doctrinal book.  One individual should not be the sole heir and in charge.  When issues arise, someone needs to render appropriate decisions for the sake of the individual/organization, and integrity for the Gospel.  ABC operates under the banner of The G2G Foundation which has been actively in ministry (with good standing within the religious community, state, local, standards and IRS compliance) for almost 20 years.  Let ABC assist you with structure and order as the Bible teaches.

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